Skyrock Moving and Storage is one the best Storage service in Spain: hand over the stress to us

We often hear how excited people are about their new homes, but we seldom hear how much someone loves packing – because, let’s face it: most people don’t.

Expert movers pack with care – Skyrock Moving and Storage Company can be challenging. You may not have the right packing supplies. You may run out of them. You may not know how to wrap certain belongings and you worry that you aren’t packing them securely enough. You may be too busy with other aspects of your move – or a combination of the above.

Our complimentary (free!) First Day Service makes the transition in your new home more convenient and comfortable.

Stop stressing. Contact Skyrock Moving and Storage Company online and let our trained professionals pack your items. Or call us at+34932208505 (Spain)

On shipments of 3,500 Euro or more, when we do the packing, we will unpack

Choose our professional packing and storage services today

Our skilled specially trained team knows how important it is to transport your belonging to your new location, on time and undamaged.

Don’t delay. Contact us online or call us at +34932208505(Spain).

Items you should pack and transport

Cleaning supplies, solvents, and hazardous materials

Aerosol spray cans and paint buckets

Anything flammable

Gun/rifle ammo

Valuable items, including but not limited to furs

Precious stones and jewelry

Valuable collectibles

Personal or confidential documents

Pack these items separately and transport them in your own vehicle to the new location.